The MysteryByte Debacle

Rob: "Hey everyone, it's Rob from MysteryByte. We've had some trouble with one of our distributors. We sent back a defective 4090 GPU, but they claimed there was no fault found and were about to send it back to us. But we insisted that it was defective and asked them to test it again."

As Rob speaks, Nora, the shop cat, walks by and meows loudly, as if to express her displeasure with the situation.

Rob: "After retesting it, they finally agreed that it was indeed defective. But now they're refusing to ship it back to us for free. We've been going back and forth with them, but they won't budge."

Suddenly, Sean #1 bursts into the room, carrying a package.

Sean #1: "Hey Rob, this package arrived!"

Rob: "Great, let's open it up and see what they sent us."

As they open the package, they notice that the GPU is not in its original packaging, and there are scuff marks on the card.

Rob: "What the heck? This isn't even our GPU! They sent us a used one!"

Nora jumps up onto the table and sniffs around the GPU, as if to confirm that it's not the same one they sent back.

Rob: "This is unacceptable. We're going to have to contact them again and demand that they send us a new GPU and cover all shipping costs."

As they continue to discuss the situation, Nora climbs up onto Sean #2's lap and starts pawing at his keyboard.

Sean #2: "Nora, not now, I'm trying to email our distributor"

Nora continues to paw at the keyboard, causing Sean #2 to accidentally send an email with a bunch of gibberish to our distributor.

Rob: "Nora, what did you do?!"

Nora simply meows and walks away, leaving the staff to deal with the fallout from the faulty GPU and their supplier's poor customer service.

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