Techshop Trouble

"Hey everyone, Rob here back in the techshop. We're about to unleash a new Ryzen 9 computer build, but it looks like Nora is more interested in batting around the boxes and packaging materials."

Rob: Alright guys, let's get started on this build. We've got a lot of great components here, so we want to make sure we're careful with everything.

Sean #1: Yeah, I'm excited to see how this AMD Ryzen processor performs. And that MSI RTX 4090 is a beast!

Sean #2: And don't forget the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II water cooler. That's going to keep this thing running nice and cool.

Suddenly, there's a loud noise and a splash of water.

Nora: Meow!

Rob: What the heck is going on? Oh no! The water cooler is leaking!

Sean #1: Quick, shut off the power supply!

Sean #2: And grab some paper towels!

Rob: Alright, we need to assess the damage. Nora, you stay put!

Nora: Meow... (rolls over and goes back to sleep)

The techs begin to mop up the water, but it's clear that the damage is done.

Rob: Well, that was unexpected. Looks like we'll have to grap a new watercooler off the shelf and send back the defective one. :(

Sean #1: Yeah, let's make sure we check the unit over after un-packaging this time!

Sean #2: And maybe we should put Nora in charge of quality control.

Nora: Meow? (looks up in confusion)

Rob: Just kidding, Nora. You stick to your napping duties.

Sean #1: Alright, let's get this cleaned up and make sure none of the other components were affected.

Sean #2: And we'll make sure to test everything thoroughly before we send it out.

Rob: Good plan. And let's make sure to double-check the packaging on any future water coolers!

The group laughs as they continue to clean up the mess, with Nora watching  from the front counter.

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